Bible- Positive Action
  • Kindergarten: Learning about God (Bible Characters)
  • 1 st grade: Enjoying God’s Gifts (Creation and Bible Characters)
  • 2nd grade: Finding God’s Promises ( Israel in Egypt )
  • 3rd grade: Growing with God (Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and Daniel)
  • 4th grade: Building Life Castles (Survey of New Testament)
  • 5th grade: Possessing the Land (Survey of Old Testament)
Math- BJU Press 
  • Kindergarten: Students will develop an understanding of numbers and how they are used in addition, subtraction, and measurements
  • 1st grade: Place value, addition, subtraction, geometry, time, money, measurements, and fractions. Writing equations, reading graphs, problem solving skills.
  • 2nd grade: Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Basic word problems are introduced.
  • 3rd grade: Reviews basics: Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Introduction to fractions and geometry.
  • 4th grade: Interactive approach to build student’s understanding of multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, geometry, and Pre-algebra.
  • 5th grade: Becoming confident with fractions. Increasing understanding of math concepts. Into to Pre-algebra.
Language Arts – Macmillan/McGraw Hill – Treasures Program

Fosters early writing skills, lays the foundation for reading awareness, develops the ability to listen and comprehend, instills decoding skills for word recognition.

  • Phonics Awareness
  • Oral Language
  • High Frequency Words
  • Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Fiction and Nonfiction literature
  • Reading Skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency and Writing
History- BJU Press
  • Kindergarten: Social Studies ( Community , US , and World)
  • 1 st grade: Follows the events in the New World from pre-1000 to 1682. Students will learn about the Vikings, Columbus, Plymouth Plantation, trading, Native Americans, and early homes and schools.
  • 2nd grade: Explores American culture in colonial times from Jamestown to the War for Independence. Illustrations and discussions of colonial farming, shop keeping, clothing, and also interesting information about kings and queens in Europe ruling at the time.
  • 3rd grade: History of America from the framing of the Constitution up until the days of the Wild West. Students will relive key moments in our nation’s history and discover interesting traditions from the past. Exciting activities provide students with an outlet for the facts they learn such as building a model log cabin, folding the American flag, learning early American songs, and making musical instruments.
  • 4th grade: 19th Century America, immigration, missionary endeavors, inventions, pony express, telegraph.  Boer War in Africa, Boxer Uprising in China, American government system, Supply and Demand.  (Class trip to Sacramento) 
  • 5th grade: American history from the development of the automobile in the late 1800s through the inauguration of President Obama in 2009. Topics are presented from a biblical perspective and include the invention and influence of the automobile and airplane, World War I, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, World War II, the Vietnam War, struggles over civil rights, the war on terror, Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and immigration decisions.
Science- BJU Press
  • Kindergarten: Life Science- Plants and Animals. Earth Science-Earth and Weather. Physical Science- Matter and Water.
  • 1st Grade: Starts students on the path of scientific inquiry with an introduction to the senses, heat, sound, animals, and heavenly bodies–presenting God as the Creator of all things.
  • 2nd Grade: Teaches the student how to use science process skills to learn and tell about Gods creation. The program focuses on what scientists do, living things, plants, environments, fossils and dinosaurs, the layers and features of the earth, how the earth moves, natural resources, light, forces and motion, and how the body works.
  • 3rd Grade: “God’s Many Creatures” (cold & warm blooded animals) & “God’s Great Design” (plants & ecosystems) & “God’s Mighty Forces” (matter, sound, & energy in motion) & “God’s Earth & Sky” (soil, rocks, minerals, weather, solar system) & “God’s Building Blocks” (Cells, Tissues, Organs, Skin)
  • 4th Grade: Ecosystems, plants, insects.  The Eye and Digestive System. Principals of motion and energy.
  • 5th Grade: Explores God’s creation in a study of minerals and rocks, fossils, matter and heat, sound and light, weather, ecosystems, and the respiratory and circulatory systems.
Writing – Step up to Writing
  • Focus on writing more complex sentences
  • Teaches how to write structured paragraphs for various purposes and audiences
  • Strategies for writing multipara graph expository and narrative pieces
  • Prompts students to respond to reading with writing

Computer Technology – Beyond Technology

  • Focus on Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Create and print worksheets
  • Copy and paste, insert pictures
  • Format cells
  • Change font, color, size
  • Headers, footers, format, formulas, charts, boards, & patterns
PE Class – 2 days a week