Providing students with a variety of effective technologies is important at Western Christian Schools. Over the past several years WCS has identified computer technology as a priority for our students and staff.

We partner with Beyond Technology Education, our curriculum provider, using Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010.  Using a spiraling scope and sequence based curriculum, students in all grades will learn the following skills:

  • Word Processing (Word)
  • Database (Excel)
  • Spreadsheets (Excel)
  • Graphics (Pictures and Clip Art)
  • technology-new[1]Multimedia (PowerPoint)
  • Desktop Publishing (Word, Publisher)
  • Operating System (Windows)
  • Basic Hardware Skills
  • Internet (Internet Explorer)

Your student will be learning skills they will use throughout their lifetime by:

  • Practicing Internet safety and etiquette
  • Applying computer knowledge to real life situations
  • Performing effective research and synthesis using the web
  • Becoming conversant in computer “vocabulary”
  • Developing skills in navigating the menu and tool bars of various software applications

Technology plays a key role in communication today. Developing excellent communicators is one of Western’s primary educational goals. At Western, we strive to equip our students with the most up-to-date equipment and training available.

iPad Learning Labs – Imagine the Possibilities

Due to the success of our 2011 Auction, Western Christian Schools was able to purchase iPad Learning labs available at both our Claremont and Upland Campuses.  The iPad learning lab is a portable system that contains and controls 30 iPad 2 units. We believe that this is the first step in a tremendous initiative for the school to further the integration of technology into the classroom and expand upon the learning capabilities of our students. We are passionate about bringing this cutting edge technology to our students.


The iPad both stimulates the interest of students as well as revolutionizes the way our students learn. With an iPad, while reading a book and encountering a new word, the book defines the word for students so that they can truly understand the story and learn how better to write their own. Social Science curriculum takes students back in time to see history first hand with the integration of video content. Students are able to take virtual tours around the world to immerse themselves in the study of a foreign language and culture. The exploration of science reaches new depths as students have tools to interactively investigate the building blocks of all God’s creation. With the iPad, the world of the arts becomes a never-ending playground where limits of accessibility no longer exist.


Elementary and Middle School Library

At Western Christian School, students can cultivate a love for reading from the more than 5800 books in the library. The diverse collection includes both Christian and secular works representing various genres that students can use to develop their imagination, conduct research or write book reports. In addition, class library time features read-aloud stories each week.