Cornerstone Educational Solutions Summer Groups


Cornerstone is offering groups for enrichment as well as intervention for struggling students. This is a great opportunity to build on what your student has learned this year and help those that are working below grade level improve their skills.

We use the Lindamood-Bell strategies for our group curriculum. The focus is on two types of mental imagery related to language and literacy skills: symbol imagery and concept imagery.


Visualizing and Verbalizing

– Develops concept imagery, the ability to visualize both oral and written language. This program engages the student in frequent and sequential oral practice where the student must visualize and verbalize key details of text, recall information, sequence events, and paraphrase a story.

Seeing Stars

– Develops symbol imagery, the ability to visualize sounds and letters in words, and overall reading ability. This program focuses on decoding skills and sight word recognition which is critical for attaining fluency.


– Through guided discovery techniques, students explore the physical movements involved in producing sounds and learn to hear, see, and feel the physical characteristics of sounds. This in-depth knowledge leads to the student’s ability to understand how words are constructed and to self-correct, essential skills for independent reading and spelling.

On Cloud Nine

– Concept and numerical imagery are integrated with language and applied to math computation and problem solving. OCN instruction improves both mathematical reasoning and mathematical computation.

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Please feel free to address questions to:

Kim Myers – Learning Center/ Cornerstone Educational Solutions