Creation Creates

“…God created….” Gen. 1:1

People want to make things, and people want to see others make things. We see this in our own culture. Shows like Top Chef, HGTV Design Star, Shark Tank, and Project Runway all celebrate creativity in people. We’re excited by ideas and new ways of seeing things.  At Western, we want you to be creative. We want you to paint, draw, sculpt, shoot (with a camera), brainstorm, organize, design, and complete projects that are completely original. We want to see that creative aspect of God’s character alive in you.

You may not think you’re creative or artistic, but you are. You can’t help but be that – you’re a child of the greatest Artist ever.

High School is the perfect time to discover the gifts and talents that God placed inside of you.  WCHS offers many opportunities in the visual, performing, and media arts to help you in this discovery.  Sometimes students don’t know how much they love things until they take a course in it.  Take a look at the things WCHS offers and dream of the things you might be able to create one day.