“All the world’s a stage…”


Dramatic productions at Western Christian take on many forms. In the Fall of each school year, we usually put on a more serious dramatic play.  Past performances have include The Diary of Anne Frank and Shakespeare’s Macbeth. In the Spring, we produce musicals such as Xanadu and Meet Me in St. Louis. In these musicals, students not only memorize dialogue, they also sing and dance using choreographed routines.

In the Elizabethan play As You Like It, William Shakespeare writes, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…”  Shakespeare  is basically saying that our lives are like a play. God is the Director, and we go through our performance hoping to learn something about what it means to a person.  Through drama we learn about ourselves without having to actually live the life of the characters we play. We see what is right and wrong through the choices of characters. Dramatic productions, acting in a particular role, set design, lighting, and music are all a part of using drama to learn about living.

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The Miracle Worker Promo Video
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Utah Shakespeare Festival

Each year the WCHS Drama department attends the Tony award winning Utah Shakespeare Festival, the largest acting competition in the country.  Students from all over the west compete and learn about Shakespeare, acting, signing, and dance.

Last year Western Christian placed an impressive fourth overall in the competition, and not only that…  they placed in the top ten in every event in which they were entered.  Before this incredible trip, the Visual and Performing Arts Department launched its year with a fabulous evening entitled, “A Sweet Taste of Shakespeare.”  Parents, students, and faculty enjoyed an art show with art in different mediums by our Art teacher, Mrs. Garside – whose works remain on permanent display at the New York City Public Library.  They were then treated to performances from Shakespeare’s great plays, a large scale dance number, and songs from Shakespeare’s era, and the hymn/worship music genre.  The evening was a fundraiser for the trip to Utah.