It’s about Worship

“I will sing a new song to you, my God”  Psa. 149:9

Music, at its very core, is about worshiping God. When David told God in Psalm 144:9, “I will sing a new song to you, my God,” he wanted his song of praise to be unlike any other ever sung.

Whether you choose to be in Choir, Hilltop Faith (our audition Choir), Worship or Concert Band, or Music Fundamentals (a class that will introduce you to the basics of music), we want you to make a new song. You may even want to take part in one of our annual spring musicals, or you may simply prefer to come to the front of the sanctuary during chapel and sing just for Jesus. It’s all good.

We want you to praise God in a new way, a way authentic to you.  Nobody can sing like you. Nobody can play a horn or the violin quite like you. You may not think you sing well, but all God asks of you is that you “Worship the Lord with gladness” (Psalm100: 2). We don’t have to be experts; we simply need to be glad. Even if you’re not the next American Idol, you have a new song within you, and we want to hear it.


Choir is a large mixed vocal ensemble designed to improve signing, and music reading abilities through intensive rehearsal.  Frequent performances culminate in an annual tour.


Hilltop Faith

Hilltop Faith is a sixteen-voice ensemble, which requires dedication to learning a wide range of challenging music.  Performance schedules are rigorous.


Worship Band

Worship band is an instrumental/vocal ensemble providing weekly worship and music leadership in chapel.  

Concert Band

Band is a one-year course for orchestra string instruments, from beginning to advanced levels.  Emphasis is placed on the development of playing techniques and performances of music ranging from classical to pop in nature.  School and public performances are given during the year