Elected to Love and Serve

Selfless, humble, Christ-like love is the key to meaningful friendships, and it’s vital to effective leadership. Western Christian’s ASB is a group of individuals who have been elected by their peers to model this selfless love to our school community. They show us what it looks like to embrace everyone in a spirit of unity and hope.

They lead special events on campus (things like Homecoming and rallies) and take freshmen on an annual retreat, called Freshmen LIFE  (which stands for “Living in Full Expectation”), into the mountains where we grow closer to God and closer to each other.

They consistently pray for students and ask how they can be used by God to help our school community. They’re gentle, honest, funny, and energetic. Best of all, they love their peers.

The Associated Student Body of Western Christian High School


Kary Heimbach
ASB Advisor
Timothy “TJ” Roe, Jr.
ASB President
Grade: 12
Grace Heimbach
ASB Vice-President
Grade: 12
Brooke Heimbach
ASB Secretary/Treasurer
Grade: 12
Mary Browning
Head Chaplain
Grade: 12
Samantha Waters
Media Commissioner
Grade: 10
Stephanie Boulos
Publicity Coordinator
Grade: 10
Mia Salas
Rally Coordinator
Grade: 10
Hannah Heimbach
Grade: 12
Ally Lewis
Grade: 12
Garrett Goodrich
Grade: 10
Jenna Bartholomew
Activities Coordinator
Grade: 12
Kevin Xiao
Clubs Commissioner
Grade: 12
Noreen Truong
Activities Coordinator
Grade: 12
Emily Ferris
Senior Class President
Grade: 12
Brianna Uhl
Junior Class President
Grade: 11
Gavin Roe
Sophomore Class President
Grade: 10
Caleb Robles
Freshmen Class President
Grade: 9

The Senior Class Council

Emily Sylvester
Senior Class AdvisorESylvester@https://westernchristian.org
Lynette Blakely
Senior Class AdvisorLBlakely@https://westernchristian.org
Ryan Koenke
Senior Class PresidentFun Fact: I have attended Western since kindergarten.
Hayden Ivey
Senior Class Vice President

Nick Durell
Senior Class Secretary/Treasurer

The Junior Class Council

Lisa Valencia
Junior Class AdvisorLValencia@https://westernchristian.org
Matt Sperrazza
Junior Class AdvisorMSperrazza@https://westernchristian.org
Alex Lynch
Junior Class PresidentFun Fact: I have a weird obsession with Donald Duck
Taylor Mendoza
Junior Class Vice President
Dylan Smith
Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer

The Sophomore Class Council

Lester Simpson
Sophomore Class AdvisorLSimpson@https://westernchristian.org
Rachel Renninger
Sophomore Class AdvisorRRenninger@westerchristian.org
Nicholas Litwin
Sophomore Class PresidentFun Fact: I make great guacamole
Dylan Attridge
Sophomore Class Vice PresidentFun Fact: I left the million dollars in the…..haha you won’t find it because I didn’t tell you where I put the million dollars. 😀
Timothy (TJ) Roe, Jr.
Sophomore Class Secretary/TreasurerFun Fact: I crashed my computer when I tried to find the end of Pi.

The Freshmen Class Council

Ashley Simpson
Junior Class AdvisorASimpson@https://westernchristian.org
Brianna Uhl
Freshmen Class PresidentFun Fact: I love to pet Bees
Mia Brantly
Freshmen Class Vice President
Dylan Ureno
Freshmen Class Secretary/Treasurer