Middle School Academic Departments


“God is love.” (I John 4:8) Jesus’ admonition to love God and your neighbor as your self incites students toward putting their faith into action in practical ways.

Students at all levels of spiritual growth encounter a comprehensive program of intellectual challenge and practical opportunity. Students master essential truths of the Bible before moving on to advanced discussions of contemporary issues and apologetics.


By analyzing various genres of literature from a Christian perspective, students develop the ability to express emerging beliefs, convictions and values through written and verbal communication.


The Math Department provides a comprehensive program, servicing students at all levels of ability. The courses for those who need additional time to develop their fundamental math skills include pre-algebra and Algebra.

All math courses emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, mathematical concepts, applications, and preparation for standardized testing.

The math teacher provides personal after school tutoring each week.

It is our hope that our students in mathematics will recognize the mathematical precision that is God’s world and more clearly understand the attributes of God’s character – immutability, wisdom and order.


Studies in geography, history, and government provide students with an integrated view of the world, enabling them to synthesize personal Christian convictions relative to the world in which they live.

Each year 8 th grade students have the opportunity to travel to Washington DC to gain a first-hand view of American government and history .

Physical Education

The Physical Education and Athletic program promotes lifelong discipline and good health. Athletes learn to exhibit Christian character under the pressure of competition while training in diverse sports. Spots available to our Middle School students include flag football, volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, cross country and track.


God’s creative acts provide the foundation for scientific discovery. Students explore the wonder of the laws and principles that govern the universe while developing marketplace skills.

Students demonstrate a grasp of science concepts, theories and calculations through experiments and real-life simulations using lab equipment.


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Academic Program Highlights

Students Will:

  1. Read, write, speak and listen competently and reflectively.
  2. Be a critical thinker and problem solver.
  3. Show technological literacy and the ability to adapt to emerging technologies.
  4. Demonstrate organizational and time management skills with increasing independence.
High Achievement Test Scores

Achievement testing indicates WCS students consistently perform above national levels. Grade equivalent averages are slightly more than two years ahead of the national norm.

Comprehensive Development

Faculty are committed to the development of students to read, write, speak and listen competently and reflectively; be a critical thinker and problem solver; show technological literacy and the ability to adapt to emerging technologies; and demonstrate organizational and time management skills with increasing independence.

Small Class Sizes and Modern Curriculum

Our small class size provides an ideal learning situation with greater ability to serve the individual student. Excellent teaching materials and up-dated curriculum successfully prepare students for the next step.

Art and Academic Enrichment

The variety of programs offered expose students to their potential areas of strength. In most cases, art and music have been cut from public education. Our programs in the arts, Spanish, speech, computer and library open up new worlds to our students, and allow them to discover their special talents. These programs inspire our students to be stretched and think creatively in all aspects of their lives, and appreciate more fully the beauty in the world around them.

Featured Highlights:
  • Teachers are able to nurture the individual needs of each student in this specialized setting.
  • Qualified/ACSI certified teachers
  • Excellent teaching materials/up-dated curriculum
  • Achievement testing has indicated that WCS students consistently perform above national levels.
  • On average WCS students test two grade levels ahead.