After Hours Activities Program

Western Christian Elementary and Middle School offers an after hours activities program for kindergarten through 8th grade students. This extended learning time provides children with hands-on learning experiences in a safe, nurturing environment.

Throughout the school year, students learn new skills and develop their imaginations through a variety of opportunities and activities. Students also receive homework assistance.

After School Clubs & Activities

Art Class

Art Class Sign ups are required when classes become available. Further description is coming soon.

Excel Taekwondo Academy

Excel Taekwondo Academy description is coming soon.

Girls in Prayer

Girls in Prayer description is coming soon.

GLOW Worship Team

GLOW Worship Team description is coming soon.

In Harmony (1st-2nd Grade Choir)

In Harmony description is coming soon.

In One Accord (3rd-5th Grade Choir)

In One Accord description is coming soon.

In Tune (5th-8th Grade Band)

In Tune description is coming soon.

JOLT (Bible study group)(during lunch)

JOLT description is coming soon.

Study Hall

Study Hall description is coming soon.


The High School Theater Department periodically provides K-8 opportunities. More description is coming soon.

Worship Teams (Singing & Instrumental 5th-8th)

Worship Teams description is coming soon.

100 Mile Club

100 Mile Club description is coming soon.


Day Care

Morning day care opens at 6:30 AM and is held in the cafeteria. If your child arrives at school before 7:45 AM they need to check into day care.

Afternoon day care begins 15 minutes after your child is dismissed from school.  If they know they are going to day care they are taken immediately from their classroom.  Otherwise they stay with the teacher at car pickup.  They are then sent to day care at the appropriate time. We provide a snack every day.  Late fees are assessed after 6:00 PM.

On a regular school day schedule, students are sent to day care at the following times.
K-2nd – 2:50
3rd – 5th – 3:05
Middle School – 3:30

Options for payment programs:

Plan Monthly Prepaid Rate Hourly Rate
Afternoon Day Care $160.00 $5.50
Morning Day Care $120.00 $5.50
Morning and Afternoon $200.00 $5.50
Late Pick-up $1.00 per minute