Middle School Athletic Program

Girls Volleyball, Football,  Cross country, Boys and Girls Basketball, Girls Softball, Boys Volleyball, and Co-ed Soccer teams compete against other area Christian schools in the San Gabriel Valley Christian Sports league.

Western Christian School’s athletic program seeks to develop each student athlete in mind, body and spirit.  Our expectation is that athletes strive to be both Christ-like in effort, attitude and behavior at all times.  We strive to instill in each athlete a sense of commitment to their team, to act with integrity and compete with sportsmanship and character.  Athletes are encouraged to display grace and humility in victory and defeat.

For more information on the athletic program, contact Athletic Director, Laura McInteer. lmcinteerwesternchristian.org

Laura McInteer
Athletic Director
Middle School
(909) 624-8291 ext. 2010
Message from the Athletic Director:

Welcome to the athletics at Western Christian Middle School!!

I appreciate the opportunity to share with you our philosophy of athletics at WCJH. I have been involved in athletics at various levels (player, parent, coach) and feel that the benefits of a Christ-centered athletic program extend well beyond a win-loss record.

Athletics provide an opportunity to grow in Godly character as our athletes face situations within their teams and within competition which represent situations they will face in their lives. Each athlete will encounter individual challenges which will aid them in their Christian growth. Challenges of self-control, commitment, humility, perseverance, encouragement – to name a few – directly reflect real life. Our vision is for coaches, athletes, fans, and parents to work together to pursue this growth.


The following represent the objectives of the Athletic Department at WCS. The objectives involve all coaches, athletes, and staff members of the program.

  • To keep the well-being of the TEAM and the individual as the priority in what we do and teach in our coaching. We recognize the tremendous responsibility we have as coaches to be a positive influence on our young athletes.
  • To develop in our athletes the individual and team skills necessary to compete successfully and reach their God-given potential. Athletic ability is a gift from God and should be used to His honor.
  • To teach our athletes to compete with a humble attitude, and to win and lose with grace and dignity.
  • To treat each opponent with respect.
  • To teach our athletes to submit to the rules of the game and the officials who enforce the regulations. Our goal is to win, but only in an appropriate manner.
  • To model Christ in actions, words, and attitudes.
  • To strive for EXCELLENCE in our play, recognizing that as Christians everything we strive to do is to be done as unto the Lord. “Work hard and cheerfully at whatever you do as though you were working for the Lord, rather than for people.” Colossians 3:23
  • To understand the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Coaches and students have other tasks in life besides athletics; the demands on their time, energy, and enthusiasm must be reasonable.
  • To excel as a program within our league, our goal being to win the league championship of each sport we compete in.

Participation in athletics presents a unique opportunity to enjoy God’s gifts, experience the joy of competition and camaraderie, and grow in many areas of life. My prayer is that our athletes have a positive experience during their years competing for WCJH and carry with them many special memories as they graduate to high school.

In Christ,

Laura McInteer
Athletic Director
Middle School
(909) 624-8291 ext. 2010
WCJH competes in the following sports within our league:


  • 8-man flag football
  • Basketball
  • Co-ed soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country


  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Softball (fast-pitch)
  • Co-ed soccer
  • Cross Country

Our league is a Middle School league, with athletes that range from 6th to 8th grade.

Football, Cross Country and Girls Volleyball are played in the fall, during the months of Sept., Oct., and Nov. Basketball takes place during the winter during Dec., Jan., and Feb. Softball, Boys Volleyball, and Co-ed Soccer are played in the spring during March, April, and May.

WCJH also competes in 3 track meets: Foothill Country Day Cross Country Meet, Foothill Country Day Bob Richards Invitational, and our own track meet in April.


All students have the opportunity to try out for an athletic team however, based on facility limitations, league regulations, and coaching limitations, some teams will need to make cuts.

Here are a few things to keep in perspective regarding tryouts:

1) “ I’m so nervous – I’m not going to try out well!” You are not the only athlete trying out who is nervous!! This is perfectly normal, and coaches are aware that your performance might suffer during tryouts because of nerves. Don’t worry about it!!

2) “Coach doesn’t like me so I probably won’t make the team.” Our coaches don’t “dislike” any of our athletes, in fact quite the contrary. We “dislike” having to make these decisions at all, though we recognize our limitations and realize that tryouts and cuts go with the territory of coaching at a small school. Do your best and have confidence that your coach will make decisions based on what he/she thinks is best for the entire team.

3. “Johnny and Mary will make the team because they are 8th graders.” Not true!! Teams are selected based on the talent, work ethic, and attitude of individuals, not on what grade they are in. We have had 6th graders make Gold teams and be impact players on the team. Naturally, 8th graders have some advantage in sports that require size and speed (football, basketball), but our coaches are not just looking at these attributes. Knowledge and skill at particular sports will trump grade level!

4. “I don’t want to try out because I might not make it”. Don’t let the fear of what “might” happen stop you from trying out!! Viewed in the proper perspective, tryouts can be a positive experience whether you make the team or not. If you don’t make the team, you can ask the coach what you need to work on for the tryout next year. Coaches respect players who persevere, work diligently, and come back to tryouts having confidence in their improvement. Conversely, if you didn’t take your coach’s advice and didn’t put in the work necessary to raise your level of play, don’t have false expectations about your success in subsequent tryouts.

5. Please keep in mind that whether you make, or don’t make a team does not define who you are as a valued and loved child of God!! Everyone has their gifts – some students have great voices, some are natural actors, some can do a complex algebraic equation with no effort at all, and some are natural athletes. Recognize your gifts and develop them to their full potential for God’s glory!!

We love you! See you at tryouts!!

WCMS Coaching Staff

“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men…” – Colossians 3:23

Locations of schools within our league.
Arcadia Christian
1900 S. Santa Anita
Arcadia , 91006
(626) 574-8229

Calvary Baptist
2990 Damien Ave.
La Verne, 91750
(909) 593-4672

Chino Valley Christian
4136 Riverside Drive
Chino, 91710

Christbridge Academy
405 S. Azusa Ave
Azusa, 91702

Foothill Christian
242 W. Baseline
Glendora, 91740

Jubilee Christian School
1211 E. Badillo St.
West Covina, 91790

Pacific Christian Center
839 Alpine St.
Upland, Ca 91786
(909) 981-1965

San Gabriel Academy
8827 E. Broadway
San Gabriel, Ca 91776

Sonrise Christian
1220 E. Ruddock St .
Covina, 91724

South Hills Academy
1600 E. Francisquito
West Covina, 91791

Southlands Christian
1920 Brea Canyon Cut Off Rd
Walnut, 91789

San Gabriel Christian
117 N. Pine
San Gabriel, CA 91775
(626) 287-0486

Directions to locations are on the league website.  www.sgvcsl.org

League Information

website: www.sgvcsl.org

Western Christian Middle School has been a member of the San Gabriel Valley Christian Sports League for over 20 years. The league consists of Christian schools in the San Gabriel Valley which are within a 35 mile radius of our school. The philosophy of our league is outlined below.

San Gabriel Valley Christian Sports League (updated 11/9/06)

“Developing Athletes in the Image of Christ”

1 Introduction

•  Philosophy

1.1.1    We believe that the principles and lessons learned in the classroom, at home, and through the local church, can be put into practice through athletics. A microcosm of society, athletics allows the student to develop and use his or her God given ability to glorify God. Because the arena of competition is usually surrounded with pressure, the athlete is tested, and the true character revealed. Consequently, the opportunity for character growth readily presents itself through athletic competition.

1.1.2     Athletics should provide evangelistic opportunities. Matthew 16:15
•  Athletics should provide edification opportunities to develop Christ likeness. Ephesians 4:12-13

•  Purpose of the League:

•  To provide a means through which member Christian schools can unify their efforts in developing and improving the administration, regulations, and over all quality of the interschool athletic program in harmony with the objectives of Christian education.

•  To assist member schools in the development and implementation of Christian philosophy of athletes.

•  To strive to conform as a league (coaches, athletes, spectators) to the likeness of Christ.