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Affording Western Christian School

Over 25% of WCS’ families receive tuition assistance each year. At Western Christian Schools, we strongly believe that Christian education is not a commodity. It’s a ministry. It’s a commitment. It’s a connection – a connection between your child’s needs and your family philosophy and our philosophy.

That’s why at Western Christian Schools, the first and most important consideration is what is best educationally for your child. All other considerations are secondary. But money IS important, and tuition is an investment into the life of your child. That’s why Western Christian Schools has one of the most robust needs-based tuition assistance program to assist families who demonstrate a financial need through our FACTS process. FACTS is an online, third party vendor that is highly confidential. Their goal is to assist in determining a financial need for our families. Our goal is that money will not stand in the way for qualified families.

Ways to Afford Western Christian

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  • Financing Program

    SMART tuition management is the financial monthly payment program for the 
    2018-19 school year. 

    More information to follow soon.
  • Tuition Assistance Program

    The cost of education can be a hardship for some and Western has a Tuition Assistance Program to assist you. Tuition Assistance applications are available in the Business Office and must be submitted no later than August 10. Applications are also available online at:  and must be submitted by May 1st (current families), or within twenty (20) days from submittal of registration form (new families). Tuition Assistance applications are submitted to FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment.  FACTS provides Western with financial recommendations. However, Western’s Financial Aid Committee reviews the entire family situation, in addition to the financial recommendation, before awarding tuition assistance.
    *Tuition Assistance is only available for K-12.
  • Family Discount

    A student tuition discount of $1,000 is given to second, third or more siblings and is applied to tuition. 
  • Pastor Discount

    A student discount of $1,000 is given to each of the Pastor's children enrolled.
  • Tuition and Fee Schedule

    The Tuition and Fee Schedule is published annually.  Please fill out the form here or contact our offices and we will provide you with the current information.

    High School • (909) 920-5858
    100 W 9th St. Upland, CA 91786

    Kindergarten through 8th Grade • (909) 624-8291
    3105 Padua Avenue Claremont, CA 91711

    Claremont Campus Preschool •  (909) 626-1377
    3105 Padua Avenue Claremont, CA 91711

    Upland Campus Preschool • (909) 920-5350
    242 West 9th Street Upland, CA 91786

How to Apply

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  • Application for Admission

    Western Christian School’s Application for Admission is available online by applying here  In order to complete the online application you will be asked to create a user account on, which is Western Christian’s student information software. There is a $70 non-refundable application fee required when submitting an application.  Students may be admitted during the school year if openings are available.

    In addition to the Application for Admission, the following documents are required to complete your student’s admission file:
    • Copy of most recent report card (or high school transcript)
    • School Principal/Vice Principal Reference Form
    • Teacher Reference Form
    • Copy of latest standardized testing results (e.g. Stanford, Star, Terra Nova, etc.)
    • Copy of current Immunization records
    • Copy of Birth Certificate (K-8)
    All of these items can be uploaded directly to your student’s “Admissions Progress” page. These may also be mailed, emailed, faxed, or dropped off to the Admissions Office.

    The reference forms are located in your student’s “Admissions Progress” page in your account in  You will need to add the name and email address of the person you are requesting complete the reference forms and click submit for each reference form requested.  The reference form will be emailed as an attachment to the individual and will be returned directly to our Admissions Office.

    Please note: Reference forms are confidential and by submitting the application for admission you acknowledge your understanding that the information obtained in all reference forms will be held in strict confidence and you waive your right to access information provided on the reference forms.  All information provided on reference forms is confidential and will be seen only by Western Christian School personnel for admissions purposes.
  • Testing

    Once the Application for Admission and the above documents have been submitted, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for your student to take an assessment test.  Testing for Kindergarten and 1st grade is a readiness assessment which will focus on motor skills, language skills, basic math concepts, and social skills.  The testing for 2nd-8th will focus on mathematics, reading comprehension, grammar, and will include a writing sample. Transitional Kindergarten students will not be required to complete any admissions testing.
  • Enrollment

    Applicants will be notified as soon as possible regarding their acceptance and admission to Western Christian School. Class placement is pending upon available space and is not confirmed until the applicant completes the admission process and the School receives the Online Registration Form and $400 non-refundable registration fee.
  • Tuition and Fees

    Upon receipt of the Online Registration Form and $360 registration fee, class placement will be confirmed. Tuition is due beginning July 1st. A payment plan is available and must be established by June 1st.  Please refer to the tuition schedule for a list of current costs.  Contact the following Student Accounts Coordinator in the Finance Office with any questions regarding tuition:

    Mrs. Jacqui Doolittle (K-8):
    (909) 624-8291 ext. 3007 or 

    Mrs. Chela Simpson (High School)
    (909) 920-5858 ext. 1050 or
    It should be understood that enrollment is contingent upon maintenance of a satisfactory academic and behavior record.

Admissions Calendar

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