You Were Made For More


Dream. Seek. Pursue.
Every person has a hunger for something beyond themselves. You long for something unseen, something that causes you to think deeper, to go further, to try harder. You were made for more, and you know it. At Western Christian High School, we want you to ASPIRE to nothing less than God’s purpose for your life.
As a High School focused on Jesus Christ and His Word, Western Christian High School believes that learning is a pursuit of truth. When students discover truth, they ultimately discover God and what He has made. Learning, therefore, is not just an avenue to a college and career; learning is the means for students to know and worship God in all of His complexity and beauty. Western Christian High School provides an atmosphere and educational structure that stimulates curiosity and critical thinking in a manner that leads students to the only source of all that is true, good, and beautiful: Jesus Christ.

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