Dear Future Western Christian Family,

I am so blessed that you are considering Western Christian Schools for your family. You have arrived at this website because you love your kids and, like me, relate to the scripture found in 3 John 1:4 that states, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” The Word of God is the source of all truth, wisdom and knowledge, and by it we set our standards and expectations. Please consider partnering with us in the development of your children so that this joy and truth can be experienced by worshiping our God through Christian Education.

At Western Christian Preschool, we promote experiences that meet the needs of our students by stimulating learning in all the Learning Domains. Curriculum is developmentally appropriate and academically challenging. We believe children learn best from an environment that has been intentionally designed to offer learning activities where exploration, observation, and discovery can occur.

Our program is designed to enhance the individual skills of each child and to honor and celebrate their uniqueness. This is accomplished by recognizing the interrelatedness of their spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. We believe in serving the whole child, which includes the child’s family and community.

A well-prepared and loving staff is crucial to the success of our program. The Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten teachers are highly trained in early childhood development and serve as dynamic, positive Christian role models to each student.

I hope I have the privilege of meeting your family in person. Please consider visiting Western Christian Preschools so that you can see first-hand the amazing work the Lord is completing in the lives of students.

Blessings to your family,

Kim Matzaganian
Executive Preschool Director


The best way to learn about Western Christian Preschool is to experience it first-hand. Those who visit the campus leave excited about the students and environment that make Western Christian stand out amongst all other schools. This is a place where people are valued, respected, and loved not only by the faculty and administration, but by the students themselves. There is something very special at Western Christian that brings out the best in every student.

Schedule a Tour

If you would like to schedule a tour of one of our preschools, please call Nancy Hein, Preschool Director at our Upland campus or Mrs. Rebekah Mehany, Assistant Preschool Director at the Claremont campus.

Rebekah Mehany
Assistant Preschool Director

Claremont Campus Preschool
(909) 626-1377
3105 Padua Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

Nancy Hein
Preschool Director

Upland Campus Preschool
(909) 920-5350
242 West 9th Street
Upland, CA 91786


squarebullet REGISTRATION FORMRegistration Forms can be picked up in the Preschool Office. We can only reserve your child’s place when the registration fee of $110 is paid and the registration packet is completed and submitted to the preschool office. The registration fee will only be accepted if there is a space available.  The fee is non-refundable.

Forms referenced below can be found in our PRESCHOOL REGISTRATION PACKET which can be downloaded here.

squarebullet IDENTIFICATION AND EMERGENCY INFORMATION: We will only release your child to an adult that is listed on this permission form.

squarebullet CHILD’S PREADMISSION HEALTH HISTORY: To be completed by a parent and will be shown to your child’s teacher so they may know how to best care for your child.  Please list any allergies that your child may have.

squarebullet PHYSICIANS REPORT:  To be completed by your physician and MUST be submitted before your child starts school.

squarebullet CONSENT FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL TREATMENT: Your signature is required on this form to allow the treatment of your child in an emergency.  Please list all allergies your child may have.

squarebullet IMMUNIZATION RECORDS: A copy of your student’s immunization card must be on file.  Please copy the yellow shot record completely. A TB test waiver must be signed if your child has not had a TB test done.


squarebullet PERSONAL RIGHTS

squarebullet PARENT CONTRACT: This form lays out the terms of your enrollment including your child’s hours, tuition fee, and important financial policies.

squarebullet PARENT HANDBOOK AGREEMENT: Please review important information about our policies, procedures and daily school operations before signing the agreement.


squarebullet TUITION: Monthly tuition is due on the first day of the month your child is scheduled to attend.

Click here to download the Preschool Summer Brochure

Additional information about the Western Christian Preschool Summer Program can be found here.

Western Christian Preschool Claremont Campus
Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to bring the first day?
ALL children need to bring at least one change of clothes, lunch, and sunscreen. If they are still in diapers, they need to bring diapers, wipes and cream (if needed).
Can my child attend preschool without a complete registration packet?
No, we need the registration packet completed in order for your child to stay. This is a licensing requirement.
What do I need to do when I arrive each day?
You will sign your child in on the sign-in and out sheet located on the counter of the preschool office. It is VERY important that you sign-in and out.  In the event of an emergency, this is the sheet we will use to verify all children on campus.  After you sign-in, you will take your child’s backpack and hang it on the hook labeled with their name outside their classroom.
How do I know my tuition and where should I put the check?
There will be an invoice with your tuition amount in your child’s folder/mailbox located in their classroom. You can also ask Jacqui, Rebekah, or Kim.  If we are not available to personally take your check, please leave it in the black lock box located by the front door.  If you are paying in cash, please take it directly to the business office located in Sider Hall and give it to Jacqui Doolittle.
Where do I park when I drop off my child?
You will park in the main parking lot.
Can I bring sunscreen?
Yes! We ask that you apply sunscreen before you bring your child to school. Also, please bring a bottle of sunscreen so that we may re-apply.  You will need to complete a medication form.  We have them available in the preschool office.
Where do I put my child’s belongings?
All of the classrooms except the youngest classroom have hooks in the hallway. Please hang your child’s backpack, lunch pail and rollie pollie on the hook labeled with your child’s name.
What is a rollie pollie and does my child need one?
A rollie pollie is the blanket covering for our nap mats. If your child is staying longer than a half day, you will need one.  You may purchase one from us for $25.  Rollie pollie’s will be placed on your child’s hook at the end of the week so you can take it home to wash.
What are the lunch options?
You may pack a lunch for your child (NO peanut products) or purchase a hot lunch through our catering company.
Does my child have to take a nap?
If your child is in our Pre-K or Transitional K classes they don’t have to take a full nap. We do have a “wake-up” room where the children only rest for 30 minutes and then they are allowed to play quite activities. The space in this room is limited to 12 a day so if you’d like to have your child in this room, please let us know as soon as possible.